Carat24 - terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions are a fundamental part of our rentals and sales

Carat 24-Immobilien GmbH deals with the exchange of real estate, finance and savings contracts, purchase and sale of real estate, estate and land of any kind and their negotiation and development, and business consulting excluding legal and tax advice.


1. The information contained in our offers are based on information provided to us. We strive to maintain complete and accurate information about objects and contractors. However, we cannot accept liability for the correctness and completeness of this information. Our offers are subject to change; Interim sales / rentals are possible.


2. The brokerage contract with us is established either by written agreement or by the utilization of our services based on the Objektexposes and its conditions.


3. Our offers and messages are intended for the recipient only and may not be distributed without our consent to a third party. If a contract is concluded as a result of unauthorized disclosure, the person who made it available to a third party, is obliged to pay us the damages in the amount of the agreed commission.


4. The company CARAT 24 - Immobilien GmbH is entitled to act for both parties against charge.


5. Our commission claim is not affected by the fact that instead of the originally intended transaction, another is accomplished (eg purchase instead of rent or vice versa).


6. The commission is earned and due upon conclusion of the contract , or upon completion of an equivalent transaction that is associated with the broker’s submitted offer. Unless otherwise agreed, we charge a brokerage fee of 7.14% of the purchase object including VAT on sales, or 2.38 net rents including VAT for residential as well as commercial space rentals. The commission is payable by the buyer or tenant only. When buying a property, the notary and court costs as well as the real estate transfer tax are to be paid by the buyer only.


7.We are entitled to be present at all negotiating meetings and to recieve issuing messages of any hearing results. We also have a right to be present at the deed of sale or rent as well as at the signing of leases for rental properties. We also have a right to a copy of the notarial purchase contract or a lease.


8.Retention and set-off against the brokerage receivables are excluded if the offsettable claim was not legally established.


9.If the object detected by us is already known, the recipient has to inform us imediately on this fact without further delay, ie notified in writing at the latest within three days from receipt of our offer, specifying the source and date of the offer. 


10. Place of fulfillment and Court of jurisdiction is Berlin.


11.Should one or more of the above points be invalid, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining points. This also applies if only a part is ineffective, the other part then stays effective.

Each invalid point shall be replaced between the parties by a point which comes closest to the economic interests of the parties  and does not interfere with the remainig agreements.



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