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Thank you to our clients!

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We stand by our customers before, during and after the purchase


You can read here how much our customers appreciate that:


"Since 2003 we have a very good working relationship with your house. Up to today, we have acquired 10 apartments by three different developers thanks to your professional and very competent help. Both before, and after the certification, during construction and after completion, we received outstanding customer service with your company at all times."

Family Dr. L.aus Neu-Ulm


"A very happy coincidence! Your always friendly and never impatient willingness to answer all our questions made it easy for us to find a suitable property. The entire process, from the multiple visits to the signature at the notary and past that point, turned out to be absolutely stress-free and professional."

"We can only say that we would recommend your team at any time."

Family R. From Gratz


"You helped immensely with the floor plan changes together with the developers and architects, so that the apartment would fit." Evan tough at first it was not to be assumed, that the House was going to be fundable, you were able to help by finding the right financing partner. "We then gladly paid the high brokerage fees set, since the extensive service your company offered definitely justified it."

"We can recommend your services without limitation to other buyer and other interested parties."

Family Dr. S. from Köln


"in this way we would like to thank you for the exceptional service. We always felt welcome. With lots of patience you explained to us the corresponding essential administrative burden. You listened to us as if it were the most common and natural thing in the world. You presented exactly the right homes selected according too our ideas."

"Our apartment is the replicant of exactly what we wanted it to be."

Mrs D. and Mr. t. from Berlin


"I always had the impression, that due to your apparent high level of competence with a friendly and human nature, it would be simple for you to successfully find a buyer in a relatively short time. Everything from the sales pitches you very personally managed all the way to a final notarial certification was ultimately perfect"

I will gladly recommend you. Keep it up!"

Mr L. from Berlin


"Your course of action to find the"dream home"supported me pleasantly. It was created a specific product profile from witch then according too our desires and dreams you presented a few but good apartments. After all, the apartment should be something special. Also in the course of planning up to purchasing all the way to the notary I could rely count on your support and that of the team."

"For this I would like to thank you wholeheartedly."

Mrs. From A from Aufseß


"I wold gladly recommend you at any time. Working with you was always characterized by utmost kindness and professionalism. This was in the end, crowned by a happy conclusion."

"For this, and for all of your helpful efforts once again my heartfelt thanks."

Mr. S. from Berlin



"I am writing to thank you very much for all your help in arranging for me to buye my new apartment. I am delighted to be buying a second home in Berlin and I am very grateful to you for ensuring that the whole experience was so straightforward and civilised. Throunhout all our meetings I found your explanations of the buying process and the restauration of the building very clear and helpful and for this I am most grateful."

Mr. S from UK


"You over saw and controlled the various contacts with developers, distribution company's, architects and investors in an exemplary manner, and in the end achieved an excellent result for us. We felt excellently advised and accompanied during all phases of this proses.

"Because surprisingly after the first apartment we visited with you (compared to all other brokers) your work did not stop but had just begun."

Family C. from Berlin


You did not only mediate and then pocketed the commission, no, you stood by my side far beyond the signature of the contract all the way up to the collection and thereafter. With you I've optimized my layout. You recommended a great kitchen Builder to me and conveyed a fantastic financial consultant.

Most of all you and you team were there for me with advice, assistance, patience and humor too answer all my questions."

Mrs k. from Berlin



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