Berlin Pankow

Pankow and its surrounding areas were already a popular tourist destination in the late 19th century. It is located in the north of Berlin.


Several tram and bus routes open up the district. A major transportation hub is the area around the train station Pankow, connected to the underground railroad No.2 (U2)! For Berlin visitors and commuters Pankow is very conveniently accessed by the motorway.


Ranging from the so-called City-East to the border with the Barnim Pankow can be described as a district of superlatives. Idyllic and extensive green areas such as the „Schlosspark“ and the famous „Bürgerpark“ can be found here as well as scene and attractive neighborhoods, cultural centers, popular and thriving business locations.


You can go shopping in modern centers and shops or you’ll find cozy scenes in numerous markets or the oldest Berliner weekly market on the "Pankower Anger". Numerous cinemas, schools, daycare centers and an attractive public transport are part of a well-balanced infrastructure in the district.


After the population had not increased significantly since the establishment, they rose from the mid-19th century to about one hundred times until around 1910. After the end of World War II there was a steady increase in population.


Pankow now comprises 103 square kilometers and with a population of 360,000 it became the most populous district of Berlin.


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